Cue are an independent music services company
We represent over 10,000 tracks
from independent labels & publishers, for sync licensing.

Making a project, and it’s being broadcast online, on tv, or in public?

You probably already understand that you need to license any of the music used.

What you may not know is that this process involves finding out who owns the rights to both the master & publishing sides of that music. Then requesting permission from those rights-holders (of which there can be many) to use the music for your project, negotiating a price, and signing an agreement. Only then do you have legal rights to use the music.

Fortunately for you, we've done all this hard work for you. All the tracks in our collection are either pre-cleared or easy-clear for use.

Search the CueSongs platform to discover our catalogue, and license your perfect track quickly and easily.

Interested in getting your music on CueSongs?

All of the music on the CueSongs platform is carefully curated. We have regular A&R sessions as a team and do our best to listen to everything that comes in, please bear with us while we decide, you will hear from us if we like your music - we get a lot of submissions and they can take some time to get through.

We generally prefer to take on music where we can represent both master & publishing sides as it ensures a smooth licensing process.