Cue represents the widest possible range of remarkable & carefully curated music from around the world. With a large roster of established labels, artists, songwriters and composers, we're a goldmine of great music for our clients.

Explore and discover new music with our smart-search system on the CueSongs platform. Alternatively, get in touch for a personal recommendation service that's reinforced by the CueSongs team's deep knowledge of all the music we represent. Our catalogue covers music that's eclectic, mainstream & niche in genres ranging from EDM to Classical, from Alternative to Reggae and all stops in between. Check out our curated playlists for both specialist areas and for your general listening pleasure.

Cue Music Services

We offer one of the most complete music supervision services available, that tackles projects ranging across all budgets and usages. We know our clients want their licensing process to be quick, simple and within budget as well as inspiring. We are never just tied to the catalogues we represent and we can commission new music from any kind of source. Discover fresh and upcoming acts, or license established, well-known music, however new or old. Our experienced and friendly team will help guide you through the process from start to finish.